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There are many different reasons to sell your mineral rights - and each seller is different. You might want cash to improve your home, pay off debt, finance your children's education or realize the cash value of your assets today. You'll receive a lump sum upfront, rather than the traditional smaller monthly royalty payments paid over a long period of time.

What are some advantages of selling your mineral rights and royalties?

  • Receive one lump sum payment now, instead of waiting on the uncertainty of future royalty payments. 

  • After the initial production of a well, your royalty checks will decline. Taking the cash payment guarantees the amount of money you will receive for your interest. 

  • Pay off high interest debt, medical expenses, college tuition or start saving for your retirement.

  • Clean up your estate. Relieve yourself of the stress of all of the paperwork and money involved in the probate process and leave your heirs a secure financial future.  

  • Diversify in other investments that aren't subject to commodity prices.

Wheat Field_edited.jpg

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